According to Jared Kushner, who served as senior adviser to former President Donald Trump, he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer while serving as a top aide to his father-in-law and had to have most of the cancerous gland removed.

That revelation is in Kushner’s upcoming book, Breaking History: A White House Memoirhe received the diagnosis in October 2019 as he was heading up trade negotiations with China:

“As this high-wire act of trade talks with the Chinese progressed, I had to confront an unexpected and frightening personal problem. On the morning that I traveled to Texas to attend the opening of a Louis Vuitton factory, White House physician Sean Conley pulled me into the medical cabin on Air Force One. ‘Your test results came back from Walter Reed,’ he said. ‘It looks like you have cancer. We need to schedule a surgery right away.’”

Kushner didn’t inform his father-in-law, only sharing the news with his wife, Ivanka, colleague Avi Berkowitz, Trump deputy assistant Cassidy Luna, and acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney.

However, Kushner claims that Trump eventually found out and asked him:

“Are you nervous about the surgery?”

“How did you know about it?” Kushner inquired, to which the notoriously scatterbrained ex-president responded:

“I’m the president. I know everything.”

Translation: Ivanka likely told him.

Surgeons later removed a large portion of Kushner’s thyroid gland and he says he’s thankful the cancer was caught early before it had time to spread.

Since leaving the White House, Kushner has been the subject of a major controversy related to a deal he made with the government of Saudi Arabia:

The New York Times reported Sunday that Trump’s son-in-law and White House adviser Jared Kushner secured a $2 billion investment for his Affinity Partners private equity firm from a fund led by the Saudi crown prince. This despite the fund’s advisers heavily criticizing the proposed deal.

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