In Texas, the race for governor is heating up as fast as the temperatures. Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke is showing he can take the heat, and then get more done.

While his opponent, Greg Abbott continues to draw from the old Texas GOP playbook, Beto O’Rourke is showing himself to be a cowboy with both a hat and cattle. At a recent campaign stop, O’Rourke was confronted by a Trump/Abbott voter on a topic that tends to be paramount in the minds of the people of Texas — immigration.

When asked about his plans to deal with the border from a GOP voter who stated that she “never voted for a Democrat in her life” — O’Rourke didn’t mince words and gave her a straightforward response. He began by comparing himself to the current governor’s fear and smear type tactics and hyperbole about “invasions.” O’Rourke reminded the audience that he lives in El Paso, a border town. He and his wife are raising their children there. So, his views are not from some ‘ivory tower” perspective.

O’Rourke suggested that Texas immigration policy should reflect the values of Texas and Texans. They should be based in reality, not just playing on people’s fears.

The candidate then was very clear that immigrants must come through our southern border in an orderly and legal fashion. This is in stark contrast to how Republicans like Abbott and Trump like to paint Democrats as being “for open borders” and chaos despite no Democrat who is taken seriously ever saying anything remotely close to that.

He continued by explaining in clear language on how the border situation could be very different if these scare tactics being used by people like Abbott and Texas put together an enforceable and sane policy that can actually achieve the results everyone wants. Of course, doing so would eliminate one of the GOP’s favorite go-tp scary issues to use for votes from scared voters, which is perhaps why under GOP rule, nothing ever actually gets done on border policy in Texas.

Check out Beto O’Rourke in this Q & A showing how things might look under new leadership below:

After the event, that same Republican and “never Democrat” voter told America how she was ready to shed the fear and would indeed vote for O’Rourke. Perhaps other Democrats can learn from his example. The example of being straight and honest with voters and showing how most of us share common values that when turned into policy can make everyone’s lives better and safer vs. fear-mongering for votes as people like Trump and Abbott have built their political careers on.