Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) is a coward who ran as Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building as part of a coup attempt that he incited. Now he’s being rightfully laughed at for writing a book titled “Manhood” that will release next year.

As you will recall, Hawley raised a fist in solidarity with the insurrectionists on January 6th not long before he ran away like a scared little boy as those same insurrectionists violently broke into the Capitol in a scheme to overthrow democracy and overturn the 2020 Election.

The January 6th Committee revealed Hawley’s cowardice earlier this month during a primetime public hearing by showing a video of him fleeing through the corridors. The attendees in the room audibly laughed at the scene.

After all, Hawley has been talking tough ever since that day and even claims it wasn’t a big deal. Except that his own reaction to the violence tells a completely different story. Hawley ran away to escape the insurrectionists, making him a coward and liar.

And now he is once again a laughingstock because he wrote a book titled “Manhood” all about masculinity and how it’s a good thing for society. Of course, what he likely really means is toxic masculinity, which is most certainly not good for society.

The book reportedly calls on men to be courageous and assertive, two virtues that not even Hawley lives up to himself considering he ran away on January 6th.

Twitter users had a field day with Hawley’s book.

There’s more where those came from, but you get the point. Josh Hawley is a joke.

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