As with every election season, as summer winds down, the ads heat up. Most negative advertising seems to consist of huge and sometimes unbelievable claims. In the race between John Fetterman and Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania’s Senate race, it seems Fetterman and others don’t need to do anything outrageous or hyperbolic. All they need to do is remind voters of a few inconvenient facts. Facts that Dr. Oz has provided himself in his career as a TV doctor and proud celebrity of New Jersey.

The Dr. Oz campaign can’t be happy about these ads. Already trailing by double digits in most polls, these ads promise to potentially widen that gap.

The first ad comes from, a group that creates ads for various candidates and causes. In this ad, they use the backdrop of “The Wizard of Oz” in exposing the GOP senate candidate for what he is. Not only is Dr. Oz really a longtime resident of New Jersey, but the ad goes deeper in reminding voters of his charlatan-like ways as he was forced to admit that claims made on his TV show were simply false on just about any level imaginable.

Check out the full ad below:

Next, we have another ad from the same group. This time, it is Oz himself, in 2019, talking about how proud he is to be a citizen of that state. He goes on and on about how great Jersey is including implying that he wants to be in the “New Jersey Hall of Fame.” This can’t be helpful to Dr. Oz.

See that full video below:

If that wasn’t enough, fellow New Jersey celebrity Steven Van Zandt made a video that has gone viral where the ex-Sopranos star and E Street Band stalwart invites Oz to “come back to New Jersey” where he belongs. Furthermore, Van Zandt points out what everyone knows, that Oz isn’t a Pennsylvanian and is only using his in-laws’ address to run in Pennsylvania. He says that Fetterman is “out of his league” and if he comes back to New Jersey they can have some fun going to the beach and other fun stuff.

See that ad below:

But wait, there’s more. Other famous folks from New Jersey along with Fetterman himself have been trolling Dr. Oz all over social media. Recently, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes did a great mash-up of some of those viral videos. Check that out below:

Increasingly trailing in the polls and the fact that he isn’t an actual Pennsylvanian plus a history of medical quackery, the Trump-endorsed Dr. Oz might end up packing up and heading back to New Jersey well before election day.