It’s unlikely that the late Ivana Trump would want to be buried on her conniving ex’s Bedminster golf course, but that’s exactly what Donald Trump did in order to evade paying taxes.

Ivana died earlier this month after suffering blunt impact injuries from supposedly falling down the stairs. One would think her soulless children would want an appropriate resting place for their mother. Instead, their father planted her under the ground at the first hole of his Bedminster golf course in New Jersey, where he can giddily tee off every time he sees the grave of his ex. It’s adding insult to injury considering Trump cheated on her during their marriage.

It’s quite a pathetic little plot. But there’s clearly a reason why Trump wanted to bury Ivana on his golf course. As it turns out, it’s yet another tax evasion scheme because he can now classify his golf course as a “cemetery.”


Tax researcher Brooke Harrington did some digging into New Jersey tax law and found out that Trump can now avoid paying property taxes, income taxes, and sales taxes. Therefore, he buried his ex-wife at Bedminister out of pure greed.

According to the New Jersey tax code:

‘Cemetery Company’ means an individual, corporation, partnership, association, or other public or private entity which owns, operates, controls, or manages land or places used to dedicated for use for burial of human remains or disposition of cremated human remains, including a crematory located on dedicated cemetery property.

Just when you thought Trump and his kids couldn’t sink any lower…

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