Senator Roger Marshall (R-Kansas) took to Twitter on Tuesday to lament the landslide defeat of an anti-abortion measure in his home state, only to be reminded that he’s not really “pro-life.”

By a 20-point margin, Kansas voters soundly defeated an amendment on the primary ballot that would have allowed the state legislature to pass abortion bans. The state constitution currently protects the valid medical procedure because Kansans have the right to bodily autonomy, something Republicans hoped to strip away with the amendment.

The resounding victory in the red state gave Democrats a clear message to run on as the general midterm election approaches and serves as a major blow to the so-called “pro-life” movement.

Marshall responded to the defeat on Twitter:

He had more to say, but it’s really irrelevant as he talks about his experience as an OBGYN. How a former OBGYN can possibly be all for forcing women to give birth is baffling, to say the least. At most, the state medical board ought to strip Marshall’s license if it’s still active.

However, Twitter users were quick to point out that while Marshall claims to be “pro-life” his actions in the Senate tell a vastly different story. For instance, Marshall voted just this past week against passing a bill to care for dying veterans. That’s not very “pro-life” of him at all.

Other Twitter users chimed in as well.

The true tragedy here is that a guy like Marshall was ever allowed to become an OBGYN and a US Senator. He didn’t give a damn about his patients, only the fetus he wants to force them to carry. Now Kansas voters should reject Marshall at the ballot box when he comes up for reelection and deny him another term as their senator. Because abortion rights will never be safe until every last Republican is ousted from public office.

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