As usual, the speakers and speeches at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) held over the weekend in Dallas were filled with all sorts of bigoted, extreme, and blatantly violent language, including Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) suggesting that Republicans and their right-wing allies need to “fight the barbarians.”

“It’s like the old Roman Colosseum where you slam on a breastplate and you grab a battle axe and you go fight the barbarians. As they say in the military world it is a target-rich environment.”

There was also Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban denouncing “race mixing,” which received raucous applause from the attendees.

Which brings us to Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick (R), who decided to give a lesson in what can best be called “alternative history” because what he said has never and will never be true.

According to The Texas Observer, Patrick proclaimed that God himself was the author of the U.S. Constitution, which is certain to shock both Thomas Jefferson and James Madison (wherever they may now be residing), since they were the principal authors of that document.

Here’s what Patrick said:

A major theme among speakers at the conference—aside from the officially stated one, “Fire Pelosi: Save America”—was Christian identity and nationalism. In addition to leading the crowd in prayer, Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick took a page right out of the John Birch Society playbook by proclaiming that the Constitution was literally written by God.

“We’re a nation founded upon not the words of our founders, but the words of God because he wrote the Constitution,” Patrick said to the crowd. “We were a Christian state and lost that for many years.”

That isn’t remotely true, and the words of every Founding Father could not be more clear on the matter. They made it clear that there would be no state religion and God would not be a part of the government. After all, these men had seen what mixing religion with the state had done in places such as England, which they had just rebelled and fought a war of independence against.

Dan Patrick and others who want to cling to what they call “Christian nationalism” need to move to a true theocracy if they want to see the horrors of such a system. Word is that Iran is lovely this time of year and there are flights leaving from most major airports every hour.

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