Thought you’d heard all the nonsensical and downright absurd excuses and conspiracy theories that both ex-president Donald Trump and his eager acolytes could possibly provide for why he had boxes of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago after being told to return them ASAP by the National Archives?

Well, former GOP Congressman Devin Nunes may have just won the award for the most ridiculous one yet, suggesting that Hillary Clinton, former President Barack Obama, and Benghazi(!) are the real reason the FBI served a search warrant at Trump’s Palm Beach golf club on Monday.

Nunes was a guest on “Sunday Morning Futures” with Maria Bartiromo, and wasted no time spinning his web of BS, telling her:

“I think this goes back pre-Russia-gate hoax. I think this goes back to the IRS scandal where they targeted conservatives. I think it goes back to fast and furious during the Obama administration, where they ran guns and tried to set people up, remember? Innocent Americans ended up getting killed. It goes back to Benghazi, they got away with that.”

Got that so far? Well, Nunes — who currently serves as chief executive officer of the Trump Media & Technology Group — was just getting warmed up, adding:

“And it was late 2015 or ’16 that we get to the plan where the Clinton campaign worked with dirty cops at DOJ and FBI and  I must say the media, I must say, where they set up to spy on the Trump campaign and, ultimately, Republicans and frame an innocent man that then led to what? So that was the Russia hoax that then led to the Mueller witch hunt. So all of this stuff is intertwined.”

Apparently, Devin thought if he mentioned as many conspiracy theories as possible, he could add the Mar-a-Lago search warrant to the list and fold them all together as one enormous pile of dreck, and of course Bartiromo (along with the majority of her viewers, no doubt) bought it hook, line, and sinker.

At this rate, pretty soon Trump’s supporters will be blaming sunspots for his violations of the Espionage Act.

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