What in the world has gotten into Fox News host Steve Doocy?

Over the past week or so, he’s been the voice of reason at Fox, correcting his colleagues and guests on the topic of the FBI search warrant served on former president Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort last Monday, Mediaite notes:

Doocy has taken a noticeably-measured stance with his commentary and analysis on the fallout. Media observers have noticed that Doocy has objected to the most incendiary remarks Trump’s allies have used against the FBI. He has also implored the former president to demand an “end to the violent rhetoric” among his supporters.

The same was true today on “Fox & Friends,” when Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) complained the the Department of Justice has not yet released the affidavit that was used to obtain a search warrant for Trump’s Palm Beach golf club.

Scott told Fox:

“To me, until we see specificity within the affidavit, we will not have the kind of clarity that the American people need to come to their own conclusion. This unprecedented, alarming raid remains at a high level of urgency to bring about real solutions that today are elusive because Merrick Garland refuses to cooperate in releasing all the information necessary to understand what happened.”

Doocy was quick to call Scott out and even used facts to counter what the senator had just said:

“The senator knows that in a criminal investigation like this they don’t release it until they’ve figured out whether somebody’s going to be charged or not, and if they’re not charged, they don’t release it so they do not unfairly tarnish the reputation of an innocent person.”

Doocy is right, but there’s another reason the affidavit can’t be released, at least not yet: The investigation is ongoing and to release more information could jeopardize the entire matter being looked at by the Justice Department.

Trump wants to see the affidavit because he wants to know which member of his inner circle may have informed on him to the DOJ. But there will be plenty of time for all those details if and when he’s on trial for violating the Espionage Act.

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