Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming) lost her primary race on Tuesday to an extreme right-wing candidate who received Donald Trump’s endorsement, making it clear that the Republican Party has gone full autocratic, as GOP strategist Stuart Stevens observed on CNN.

Wyoming Republicans punished Cheney for defying Trump by serving on the House January 6th Committee that is investigating Trump’s role in the Capitol insurrection and his scheme to overturn the 2020 Election. Rather than being a party of ideas, the GOP has increasingly become a party that is subservient to a single person who aspires to be a dictator. Trump maintains a tight grip on the party, so much so that Republicans are calling for repealing the Espionage Act just for him, are paying his ever-growing legal bills, and are making threats against the FBI. Red states are also adopting more voter suppression laws to rig elections in the GOP’s favor.

Indeed, the GOP’s abandonment of democracy has only gone into overdrive since Trump had to leave office in January 2021. Cheney’s defeat on Tuesday makes it clear that Trump owns the Republican Party now.

“This is about the complete abandonment of a Republican Party, a major political party and one of the two major political parties in America, abandoning the concept of what it means to operate within a democratic system,” Stevens told CNN on Tuesday in response to Cheney’s loss.

Stevens went on to warn that the Republican Party is now all for autocracy.

“January 6th was not just an isolated event,” he said. “It wasn’t some rave. It is part of a calculated, very patient effort by Republicans to change the way that we vote in America, change the way that we count votes in America, and they are doing that because they know that as America changes, they are losing a majority support of Americans and they have to do something. It has become an autocratic party.”

Here’s the video via Twitter:

Obedience to a single person with absolute power is the definition of autocracy. We see the same kind of system in countries like North Korea and Russia. Trump admires both Kim Jong-Un and Vladimir Putin and wants to be more like them. He’s been a wannabe dictator for years and now he’s trying to rig elections and pack Congress and the government at large with drones who will do anything he tells them to do, which will only tighten his grip on power and erode our freedoms and rights. The GOP must be stopped at any cost. Our nation must not be allowed to become Nazi Germany. But that’s what we’ll get if voters don’t show up in record numbers to reject Republicans and their autocratic agenda.

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