Donald Trump has had a rough month. As rough as it has been, the next few months might be worse for the former President, according to a biographer Tim O’Brien. O’Brien is a writer and biographer that beat Trump in court when he exposed, through his book, “Trump Nation” that Trump is not the billionaire he claimed to be in 2005.  

Now O’Brien, speaking with financial expert and MSNBC host, Ali Velshi, suggested that in the next few months, Trump’s wealth, along with at least some of his business ventures, if not all of them, could completely collapse. Furthermore, the biographer said that Allen Weisselberg could cause that to happen when the Trump org goes on trial in October.

Weisselberg agreed to testify in the trial and if he is caught lying or withholding the truth in that courtroom, it probably would turn his 5 month jail sentence (with 5 years supervised release following that imprisonment) into a much harder 15 year sentence.

Weisselberg, who is 75 years old, should be very motivated to be truthful and forthcoming to avoid spending what will likely be the rest of his life in prison for The Donald.

“Weisselberg, if he is found to have lied during that testimony, could face as much as 15 years in prison instead of a five-month sentence he will get otherwise, so he is going to be mightily incented to answer every question that the prosecutors asked him about a wide range of financial issues in the Trump Organization.”

“No one did anything substantial inside the Trump organization without having Donald Trump signing off on it, so there is no way this doesn’t in some fashion land at Donald Trump’s doorstep and I think the issue is what are the consequences going to be for Trump? I don’t think the DA’s investigation is as robust as it once was and that’s a criminal probe that would’ve involved prison time. But the New York AG’s investigation, which is a civil probe, could wind up with the Trump Organization being put out of business.”

Check out the full segment with Velshi and O’Brien below:

Many are speculating that Trump’s finances currently are not as good as the former POTUS would want people to believe. That might explain why he can’t seem to hire a decent attorney as his legal troubles mount. The former president is currently represented by a legal defense team that includes a Florida insurance lawyer who’s never had a federal case, a past general counsel for a parking-garage company, and a former host from a propagandistic cable outlet, OAN.