If things weren’t already bad enough for Dr. Mehmet Oz as he continues to fall further behind in the polls, the Pennsylvania Republican Senate candidate is now getting pelted with mockery on Twitter as a result of his fondness for giving advice on pooping and other embarrassing subjects.

Yes, you read that correctly: Dr. Oz has at times had a particularly sh*tty job.

HuffPost notes:

While the former TV celebrity doctor updated his Twitter pageto reflect his candidacy, he didn’t wipe his account of his old tweets ― not even the ones about poop.

That means poop tweets from nearly a decade ago are being seen in a whole new context ― one that Oz probably never intended, like this one from 2013:

Holy sh*t, that’s pretty terrible!

Oz’s Democratic opponent, John Fetterman, couldn’t resist some online trolling:

It turns out there were lots more poop tweets (along with tweets on other embarrassing subjects) from the doctor, and it didn’t take long before Twitter users began bringing those to light, too.

The best response to Oz’s cringeworthy social media past came from an account named “Nude Gingrich.”

That’s some funny sh*t right there!

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