Fox News host Sean Hannity is deeply offended that Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman has called him a liar and even made that suggestion in fundraising emails he’s sent to supporters.

According to The Daily Beast, all of this bad blood between Hannity and Fetterman has ramped up in recent days because the Fox host has been slamming the candidate for his attacks on his Republican opponent, Mehmet Oz, and because Fetterman won’t agree to debate.

The night prior, Hannity said on his Fox News show thathe had invitedFetterman, whom he labeled a “very lazy, Bernie Sanders-loving, socialist, trust-fund-baby brat,” to debate. This followed the Fox host catching wind of the Democratic candidate sending out a fundraising message that noted an appearance onHannityby Dr. Mehmet Oz, Fetterman’s opponentwhom Hannity has endorsed.

“‘Can you please rush a donation of $25 right now to help me … fight back against future Fox News attacks?’” Hannity said, quoting the Fetterman campaign. “‘We’ve got to counter Sean Hannity with as much grass roots support as possible.’”

Of course, Fetterman has a right to debate or refuse to debate anyone he chooses. And considering recent polls showing him ahead by as much as 10 points, why would Fetterman even bother with a debate?

How upset is Hannity? He said Tuesday night he may take legal action against Fetterman:

“Every day (that) he lies about me, I will continue to tell the truth about his radical, extreme positions (that are) way out of touch with the hard-working people of Pennsylvania. By the way, my trust-fund-brat friend, I will attack you back 10 to 100 times harder because you are a lying loser and raising money for your losing campaign…. He may be hearing from my lawyers very shortly. He better hope that mommy and daddy have enough money to pay his legal bills.”

What legal action would Hannity take? Defamation? Good luck with that. Especially since we all know that Sean is indeed a liar and lies repeatedly on his show each and every night.

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