Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) didn’t like being called out as a hypocrite by the White House so she threw a temper tantrum at President Joe Biden on Twitter.

In response to Biden’s announcement that millions of Americans will see up to $20,000 of their student loans forgiven, Greene and many other Republicans immediately criticized the move as “unfair.” So, the White House fired back at them and brought receipts because those same Republicans, including Greene, took PPP loans and did not pay back a single cent because the loans were all forgiven.

Republican opposition to forgiving student loan debt is obviously a losing message. After all, anyone can look up what loans Republicans took out and were forgiven to check if they are hypocrites or not. Greene and her Republican colleagues are all hypocrites and got called out on a public social media platform, exposing their hypocrisy to the entire country.

Unsurprisingly, Greene did not like this, so she lashed out on Twitter by telling Biden to “go to hell” and repeating typical Republican lies.

There is not an “invasion” at the border. In fact, it’s more secure than ever because of Biden’s policies. In fact, Biden just secured a deal in which Mexico contributes more than $1 billion to fund border security technology that will work better than Trump’s useless wall.

Biden did not arm the Taliban. In fact, Trump is the one who secured the release of Taliban fighters and leaders in Afghanistan. He’s also the one who signed the order to withdraw from the country hastily. Most of the equipment left behind was either old, beyond repair, or destroyed.

The economy is actually strengthening with gas prices decreasing, low unemployment, and inflation slowing down. As for energy independence, the United States has never been energy independent and most certainly was not during Trump’s presidency.

Unlike Republicans, Biden supports a woman’s right to choose. That doesn’t make him pro-abortion, just pro-choice. Women should be able to make their own medical decisions, and abortion is a legitimate and necessary medical procedure.

Again, Republican criticism of student loan forgiveness is backfiring, and so did Greene’s tweet.

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