Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker once again resorted to what can most charitably be called a nonsensical word salad during a speech he made to the “Truth and Courage” conference, attempting to reference how the U.S. military is “woke” and suggesting that the only way for the country to move ahead is if we follow the example of “Pharoah” and his Jewish “slaves.”

Having a hard time putting all that together? Hold on, because it only gets stranger from this point.

“We have to depend on our military. They brought wokeness to our military. Wokeness going to get people killed. I can promise you this, China, Iran, and Russia not talking about how you identify.”
What does that even mean? Who exactly is “they” bringing wokeness to the military? And since our military includes men, women, gay, bisexual, and straight, is it a bad thing if we teach our fighting forces to respect one another because the person sitting next you might one day save your life?
To reinforce whatever point Walker was attempting to make, he then turned to the Bible and cited the Old Testament story about the Egyptian Pharoah and the Jewish slaves he made built pyramids for him:
“Because as Pharaoh said, when I wanna keep my slaves in order, I get them fighting among each other, but when they came together, something gotta move..”

Anyone want to take a shot at what all of that means? It’s almost like a collection of sentence fragments you toss into the air and then put together in random order in an attempt to create “new” ideas. Problem is, those ideas make about as much sense as trying to interpret the quackings of a duck.

Instead, we’ll let Twitter take a shot at deciphering Mr. Walker:

As we’re fond of saying in the South when we feel sorry for another person and can’t fully express it with words, Bless his heart.

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