Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) is taking credit for infrastructure spending in his state even though Democrats in Congress passed it and President Joe Biden signed it last year amid opposition from Republicans including Abbott himself.

It was just last November when Biden signed a historic infrastructure bill into law that will address America’s crumbling roads, bridges, and other infrastructure needs in every state in the nation. However, most Republicans voted against the legislation.

Despite heavy Republican opposition, Abbott and Texas Republicans apparently have no problem taking billions of dollars from the federal government to strengthen their state’s own infrastructure, including a power grid that has been a failure in both summer and winter over the last two years. In fact, Abbott is even taking credit for it and passing the spending off as his own achievement on Twitter.

If Abbott had his way, the infrastructure law would never have made it out of Congress. It’s entirely disingenuous for him to take credit for the spending. It also makes him a complete hypocrite as several people pointed out in response to his boast.

Texans should be thanking Democrats and President Biden for this infrastructure money, not Abbott and the GOP. They can do that by voting accordingly this Novemeber and again in 2024.

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