Labor Day — the day America celebrates the dignity of working for a living. A day where the nation reminds itself that it is the worker, not the boss, that has created all we love in this nation.

And according to a Twitter user, @UnofficialCommsPerson, a day when Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate, Doug Mastriano, learned that his presence wasn’t welcome at a gathering where things like workers and unions were being honored. Namely a Labor Day parade where Mastriano was allegedly “kicked out” for being anti-labor, and was told as much when he tried to attend.

Where and when this may have happened has not been verified by Lancaster Courier (some are saying it happened in Pittsburgh, we will update as more becomes known), but based on Mastriano’s track record, it doesn’t come as a big surprise. Mastriano has embraced extreme right-wing positions and people in this campaign. A fact that hasn’t gone unnoticed by voters and even some GOP leaders, 9 of which have thrown their support over to his opponent, Josh Shapiro.

This isn’t the only negative to hit the Mastriano campaign in recent weeks. The MAGA Republican, who hangs his MAGA hat on things like election denial and not denying he attended the January 6th coup attempt in 2020, continues to embrace far right radicals like an endorsement from Joseph Kolakowski, an ultra-orthodox rabbi who expressed sympathy for Capitol rioters and believes Hitler was part lizard.

Yes, really … part lizard.

In one video about the Nazi dictator, the rabbi said there’s “a reason why the Nazi leader never took off his boots.”

“[It] was to hide the fact that his feet were reptilian in nature because he came from this nonhuman race, demonic race. He was a hybrid.”

Mastriano also paid the reportedly anti-sematic website “Gab” thousands to recruit supporters/voters. Something that has been highlighted in his opponent’s campaign ads.

All this is on top of Mastriano’s extreme positions on reproductive rights and future elections. On the former, Mastriano has stated that he is totally against any exceptions for things like rape, incest, or the life/health of the mother. On the latter, he has declared that as governor, he would assume the authority to “decertify” (a modern equivalent of “nullify” — a term used by racist politicians in the past for the purposes of just wiping out political victories by minorities and opponents and make it “as if it never happened”) any and all election machines for whatever reason he chooses.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled that the election in 2020 was legal and constitutional.

After a Kansas referendum on banning abortion failed, along with so-called GOP pro-life candidates being beaten in both New York (in a swing district) and Alaska (where Sarah Palin lost a “shoe in” election) Doug Mastriano has stopped talking about abortion pretty much altogether.

There are no reports that we have found where Mastriano has backed off his statements about decertifying/nullifying election results on his whim.

In a Fourth of July parade, it was reported that his supporters were carrying a flag that represents the “three percenters” who are a domestic, right-wing militia.

So, even if the report about Doug Mastriano’s Labor Day embarrassment don’t pan out, there are plenty of extreme positions for Pennsylvania voters to consider not voting for Mastriano. Whether or not his bid for Governor is successful will be decided by voters in November.