A federal judge in Florida issued a ludicrous ruling granting Donald Trump a “special master” to review documents recovered at his Mar-a-Lago resort while keeping his claims of executive privilege alive. And her ruling is drawing significant backlash from legal experts.

Trump has been desperately trying to hold up the Justice Department’s investigation into his illegal possession of multiple boxes of classified information that he took from the White House at the end of his presidency. The FBI recovered the documents last month after serving a search warrant approved by Attorney General Merrick Garland and signed by a federal judge.

Thus far, Trump’s explanations and excuses have failed to get him out of the legal jeopardy he finds himself in. So his lawyers found a federal judge he appointed to hear his arguments, which primarily involve attorney-client privilege and executive privilege.

While it’s possible some documents may be covered by attorney-client privilege, the DOJ has a filter team in place to separate those documents from the others. In the case of executive privilege, Trump does not have that power as a former president. Only the sitting president has executive privilege.

But in her ruling this week, District Judge Aileen Cannon approved of a “special master” to review the documents and kept the door open for Trump to claim executive privilege, ignoring precedent in the process and clearly attempting to shield Trump from being held accountable for serious crimes.

In fact, Cannon’s ruling is so odious that legal experts trashed it, even going so far as to accuse Cannon of obstructing justice.

Supreme Court lawyer and former Solicitor General Neal Katyal dismantled Cannon’s ruling piece by piece.

There is no way that this ruling should be allowed to stand. Trump violated the Espionage Act and the Presidential Records Act. He had top secret documents in his possession, and some of the documents are missing from several folders.

The 11th Circuit must overturn Cannon’s ruling. Because if they don’t, Trump will have succeeded in transforming the judicial branch into a lawless institution that deserves to be destroyed and remade.

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