With polling showing the so-called “red wave” that Republicans have been predicting in the upcoming midterms, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is now making absurd pledges that if GOP does manage to take back control of the House of Representatives, they will “stop” inflation.

Appearing on Fox News with host Maria Bartiromo Sunday, McCarthy said:

So we will come out with the commitment to America, that if you would trust us with the majority, what would we do? First of all, we would stop inflation, make America energy independent and lower your gas price. We would build a nation that is safe. We’ve watched the Democratic policies making it the deadliest in America in the last 20 years.”

And even though it was the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attack on America, McCarthy also slammed President Joe Biden for daring to criticize the extreme MAGA wing of the Republican Party:

“I thought he was going to unite us. He has divided us further. We’re more divided today than we were on his inauguration day. But listen to why. Why does 75% of America believe we’re in the wrong direction? Because everything costs more based upon the Democrat [sic] policies.”

McCarthy added:

“And this is a Democratic Party that has no plan to fix it but Republicans do for a new direction. I think we need somebody that will not attack you based upon your political beliefs but actually respect a difference of policy and unite us based on we are all Americans. That’s something we should remember today [on 9/11] more than ever.”

But that wasn’t enough for the California Republican, who resorted to outright lies about the threat facing the United States:

“You don’t feel safe in the streets anymore based upon Democratic policies. You’ve got more than enough terrorists that have now come into our country on the terrorist watch list than we had on 9/11.”

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