In yet another desperate play for attention, Donald Trump used the death of Queen Elizabeth II to claim that the late monarch privately knighted him.

After a reign of 70 long years on the throne, Queen Elizabeth II died at 96 at her Balmoral estate in Scotland. Her career in public service spanned 14 presidencies, including Trump’s short one from 2017-2021. Condolenscences have been sent from around the world.

Of course, Trump used the queen’s death as an opening to stroke his own fragile ego, posting on his second-hand social media platform that the queen secretly knighted him.

“I never told anybody but she knighted me in private,” Trump claimed.

This is such an obvious lie. The queen wouldn’t have knighted anyone in private and Trump sure as hell would have bragged about it instead of keeping it a secret for years. It should also be pointed out that Queen Elizabeth didn’t like Trump and apparently left instructions that he is not welcome at her funeral, a move similar to instructions left by former First Lady Barbara Bush when she passed away early in Trump’s disastrous presidency.

Reactions to Trump’s claim have been mostly ridicule, with some even noting that if Trump were knighted he would be disqualified from running for president.

It’s convenient that Trump would wait until Queen Elizabeth II died to make such an outlandish claim. She can’t refute him because she’s dead. This is a disgraceful lie to make the queen’s death about himself. It’s pathetic.

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