One of the things that bothers many Americans about former President Trump is the appearance that his “inner circle” resembles a group of mobsters. Unsavory characters and convicted criminals like Steve Bannon and Roger Stone have only served to reinforce that impression. Trump’s “secret meeting” today at an obscure corner of his Virginia golf resort literally looked like one of those “desert scenes” in the Martin Scorsese film, Casino.

NBC News’s Kelly O’Donnell tweeted out some footage, apparently taken today, that features Trump and several others meeting by some trees. The one thing they don’t appear to be doing is golfing.

While in the movie, Casino, the players pull up to these meetings in hot muscle cars and Cadillacs, this meeting has the players using golf carts to reach the rendezvous. After the meeting, the attendees appear to drive off in different directions.

Check out the video for yourself, below:

As of this writing, other people attending the meeting have not been identified. But that will probably change soon. (We will update as more info becomes available)

Like it was previously mentioned, Trump’s secret meeting scene is reminding users of some meetings in Scorsese’s Casino movie.


While many suspect this meeting was where it was to avoid possible listening devices, just like desert meetings outside of Las Vegas, it must be acknowledged that they could have been there for other reasons. Perhaps Trump is looking to sell this property. Perhaps they just all met there by coincidence. Perhaps Trump likes to pee in the woods but doesn’t like to be alone when he does.

When the meeting ends, the participants race off, as much as “racing” is possible in a golf cart, in different directions. This also lends itself to the mobster style of doing things.

For now, at least, one cannot come to a conclusive decision on the purpose of Trump’s secret meeting. It may look strange, but until more evidence comes in to tell why he was meeting with folks on the edge of the woods in an obscure corner of his golf course, we can only speculate on the true nature of this meeting.

But it sure does look bad, especially for a person facing multiple indictments and civil judgements.


feature image via screenshot.