If you happen to live in the Sarasota, Florida area, there’s a chance you’ll see a familiar (some might even say infamous) face when you cast your ballot in November.

Michael Flynn, the disgraced former short-term national security adviser in the Trump administration has just gotten him a gig serving on the Sarasota Republican Party executive committee, where he can engage in all sorts of voter harassment and other mischief if he chooses to.

According to The Daily Beast, Flynn was elected to the committee along with a local leader of the Proud Boys, who are a well-known domestic terrorist group.

On Thursday evening, Flynn was one of several dozen new members of the local Republican executive committee elected by voice vote at the Morgan Family Community Center in Northport, Florida.

As if that were not scary enough, they also elected James Hoel, a local leader of the Proud Boys.

In a Facebook posting after the election of Flynn and Hoel, Sarasota Watchdogs (who are affiliated with the Proud Boys) the new additions to the Sarasota GOP committee were lauded with praise:

“Congratulations to all the new Sarasota Republican Executive Club members! This is local action at its best! For the first time in a long time, families are involved and excited! Please message us for an application to get involved at the October meeting! Fighting for our freedoms in Florida…we will hold the line! Prayers and love to each of the 50 plus new members.”

Hey, a member of a terrorist organization and a man who once sat next to Vladimir Putin at a dinner in Moscow are now going to help supervise elections! What could possibly go wrong?

When a reporter attempted to get a comment from Flynn, there was no response. However, his brother, Joe Flynn, did issue a statement:

“Fuck off,” Joe Flynn said in an email. “Quote me.”

However, the retired general gladly spoke to former Trump administration adviser/convicted felon Steve Bannon on his podcast, remarking:

“As long as I got a breath left in me, I am going to continue to push this message of local action and national impact. And now I, now I wanna be able to tell people when they say, when somebody says, well, are you doing, what are you doing specifically? I’m gonna, I am now part of the Republican executive committee for the Sarasota, GOP. And I also am volunteering to be a poll watcher in the upcoming elections, particularly in this county, in the state of Florida.”

Maybe next time Flynn can run for Florida secretary of state and oversee every ballot cast in the Sunshine State. Again, what could possibly go wrong?

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