Bless their little hearts, Republicans are once again resorting to scare tactics in an effort to try and hold on to their once insurmountable polling advantage as the 2022 midterm elections draw closer by the day.

Evidence of GOP desperation can be found in comments made by Republican National Committee chairperson Ronna McDaniel during an appearance on Fox News.

McDaniel was asked about remarks from former president Bill Clinton, who warned that Republicans would try to “scare” swing voters in the final days of the election, which they hope will help boost their fading chances of winning back control of Congress.

What did McDaniel do when presented with video of Clinton and his allegations? She resorted to fear and scare tactics, just as the former president had predicted:

“Just last month, 2,000 pounds of fentanyl came across our border. That could kill 500 million people. We’re coming into Halloween. Every mom in the country is worried, what if that gets into my kid’s Halloween basket? The rainbow fentanyl. What if my teenager gets this?”

It’s good to see that the GOP has moved on from razor blades in Halloween apples and LSD in holiday candy to create a new fear for parents: Rainbow fentanyl. Beware!

Of course, what McDaniel neglected to mention is that we know 2,000 pounds of rainbow fentanyl came across the U.S.-Mexico border because it was seized by law enforcement, meaning it would be impossible for those drugs to wind up in anyone’s Halloween basket.

What President Clinton said about Republicans using fear to try and get votes is 100% correct, and if you doubt that, consider that in the 2018 midterms, then-president Donald Trump, the GOP, and Fox News were all trumpeting warnings about a “caravan” of migrants headed for the border who were hellbent on invading the United States. Was there an invasion? Nope. Matter of fact, the entire caravan cover story turned out to be a complete fabrication, and it did nothing to help Republicans, who lost control of both the House and Senate. Two years later, Trump was also booted from office by voters.

It should be fun to see what new “terror” the GOP cooks up over the next six weeks.

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