Earlier this month, John Wahl, the chairman of the Alabama State Republican Party got a poll worker fired because the worker did his job and asked for a voter ID card before Wahl and members of his family cast a ballot in the state’s primary.

According to Kyle Whitmire of AL.com, Wahl cited a religious exemption as the reason he refused to show a photo ID:

“Amish, Mennonites, and other Anabaptists are well known for their concerns about pictures or the way pictures are used. They are definitely not normal in our modern culture, but they shouldn’t be attacked or discriminated against for choosing a different lifestyle.”

However, when Whitmire checked Wahl’s social media accounts, he quickly found all sorts of photos of the GOP chairman, including one of him immediately after he cast his vote:

And now a member of Wahl’s family is claiming that his so-called “religious exemption” is based on his personal belief that ID cards are the “mark of the beast,” according to a recent court filing involving Wahl’s brother, Joshua.

“When asked by lawyers for the state, his brother Joshua said only that they were Christians, although he recognized that his beliefs were different from others. His objection to voter ID, Joshua Wahl said, was that he believed all biometric identification, including photos that could be used for facial recognition programs, to be the mark of the beast foretold in Revelation. In particular, I object to the biometric nature of IDs in Alabama which started pursuant to the REAL ID Act,’ Joshua Wahl testified. ‘And there’s a passage in Revelations 12 where it says that the forthcoming mark of the beast will be a number of a man. Biometrics by its nature is a number of a man. You know, that’s what makes me uncomfortable, and that goes against my convictions.'”

It makes him uncomfortable, so he and others should be exempt from following the law for legal voting? That’s more than a tad ironic when you consider that Republicans are the ones who want to make it more difficult for people to cast a ballot.

Oh, and then there’s the blatant hypocrisy of any member of the GOP daring to pass laws which seek to restrict voting while claiming to be immune to the rules because the Bible tells them it’s OK.

If you want to run your life by your religion, that’s just fine. But it doesn’t mean you can impose your beliefs on others.

Featured Image: Twitter