Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) put House Republicans on full blast during a debate on legislation that would help U.S. veterans transition to civilian life after leaving the military because her GOP colleagues blocked the bill she had proposed because it would also provide family planning services (including abortion) to vets.

Slotkin — who is a military spouse and step mother to a step son who serves — lit into Republicans:

“In terms of making decisions on behalf of women, if you want to take a veterans’ bill and make it about abortion, then let’s do it. What you are saying – and you’re saying in front of the American people – is that you believe a veteran who has been raped, who was the victim of incest, or who is having a dangerous miscarriage, does not deserve access to abortion.”

According to HuffPost, the Solid Start Act, contains a “requirement that the Department of Veterans Affairs provide female veterans with information ‘tailored to their specific health care’ needs, which would adhere to a new VA policy providing abortion access for women vets who are victims of rape, incest or whose life is jeopardized.”

That led Slotkin to tell those opposed to her bill:

“If you can’t state it, then be clear you believe in no exceptions for women — a cold heartless, violent approach to women’s health. You want to ban all abortions. That is your goal. Many of you have been open about that, and if you flip the House, we know that you will put forward a full ban on all abortion for all states.”

The congresswoman concluded her remarks with a searing indictment of the modern-day Republican Party:

“We are all, on this floor, elected officials and not medical professionals. If it was your wife, your daughter who was suffering through a miscarriage, are you going to tell her she can’t until her fever gets high enough and until she’s bleeding harder?

“If that’s what you want for veterans, shame on you! Shame on you!”


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