Elon Musk waded into the conflict between Ukraine and Russia on Monday with a “peace” proposal that would amount to a victory for Vladimir Putin, and the backlash was brutal.

Ukraine continues to take back territory as Russian forces collapse along the front. Despite Putin’s attempt to annex four provinces, Ukraine is poised to regain them and is coming within striking distance of Crimea, which Russia stole from Ukraine in 2014.

Putin is already panicking, which is why he is forcing hundreds of thousands of Russian men to join the military and go to the front lines with little or no training. He is even threatening to use nuclear weapons to get his way, an action that would draw an immediate and devastating response from NATO.

Never one to not put his nose where it doesn’t belong, Elon Musk thinks he has solved the whole problem by giving Putin what he wants. Musk posted his plan on Twitter along with a poll. Needless to say, a majority rejected his plan.

It should be pointed out that the Russian military is in tatters as they flee the region ahead of the quickly advancing and better-equipped Ukrainian army. It’s true that Putin could call up more men, but they have zero training and few supplies. They would be fish in a barrel. Musk is also clearly pushing Russian propaganda and his opinion and plan were trashed on Twitter, including by Ukrainian officials such as the Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany and even Ukrainian President Zelenskyy.

Elon Musk may be a billionaire, but he’s not a military tactician, nor is he is government official. He should stick to making cars and committing securities fraud.

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