As her party continues to express allegiance to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming) took aim at the “Putin wing” of the GOP and Fox News for betraying America and democracy.

Republicans have fawned over Putin for years, even preferring him as their leader whenever the president is a Democrat. They took their fealty to Putin to a whole new level while Donald Trump was in the White House as they frequently looked the other way as Trump gave Putin whatever he wanted. Fox News has also increasingly become a mouthpiece for Putin by repeating and spreading Russian propaganda.

This week, Cheney took Republicans and Fox News to the woodshed for doing Putin’s bidding during a speech at Arizona State University.

“You know, the Republican Party is the party of Reagan, the party that essentially won the Cold War. And you look now at what I think is really a growing Putin wing of the Republican Party,” she said. “You really have to ask yourself, whose side is Fox on in this battle? And how could it be that you have a wing of the Republican Party that thinks that America would be standing with Putin as he conducts that brutal invasion of Ukraine?”

Indeed, Republicans eagerly rushed to support Putin’s attack on Ukraine, only to back off because a majority of Americans support Ukraine.

Cheney then name-checked several Republicans, including Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin and Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) for supporting anti-democracy candidate Kari Lake in Arizona.

“It’s important for us as Republicans to demand from our Republican leaders that they not accept this unraveling of the democracy, she said. “Glenn Youngkin should not come here and campaign for Kari Lake. Ted Cruz, who absolutely knows better, absolutely knows that what he’s advocating is unconstitutional, that what she’s saying is unconstitutional. They know it.”

Cheney concluded by urging Arizona voters to elect Democrats.

“For almost 40 years now, I’ve been a voting Republican. I don’t know that I have ever voted for a Democrat. But if I lived in Arizona now, I would,” she declared. “We cannot give people power who have told us that they will not honor elections.”

Americans must not allow Putin to interfere with our nation and our democracy. The best way to prevent him from doing so is to deny his Republican puppets public office by voting against them in November.

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