A Connecticut jury was unanimous today in deciding that right wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones will be held accountable for his false statements about the children of Sandy Hook. Those children were brutally murdered in a mass shooting back in December 2012. Jones used that massacre as an opportunity to make money by spreading disinformation about the victims. Specifically, he claimed that the whole thing was a hoax and that it was really actors faking the whole tragedy.

Now, almost 10 years later, Jones has been ordered to pay 965 million dollars to the plaintiffs of the suit, which consists of multiple victims’ families and a law enforcement agent.

On his “Infowars” show, Jones called the Sandy Hook tragedy “as fake as the $3 bill,” claiming that the shooting was staged by the government in order to take away Americans’ guns.

Jones was broadcasting live while the verdict came in, defiantly telling his viewers: “They want to scare us away from questioning Uvalde or Parkland. We’re not going away. We’re not going to stop… The forces of Satan are trying to drive the world into thermonuclear war.”

Jones added that he “lost count” of the damages and began selling “vitamineral fusion” from his Infowars store in an attempt to raise money.

Unfortunately for Alex Jones, the court hasn’t lost count. He owes 965 million dollars to the plaintiffs. This is on top of other verdicts that have gone against the conspiracy theorist recently over the Sandy Hook tragedy.

The judge read aloud a detailed report of the various damages owed to each plaintiff by Jones and his media company, Free Speech Systems. This ruling could put him and his company out of business, despite his defiant tone when the verdict was read. All the posturing in the world won’t change this verdict for Alex Jones. His attorneys will surely appeal, but most legal experts expect that will only delay the inevitable.