Insurrectionist Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) responded to the nearly $1 billion defamation verdict against Alex Jones on Wednesday by crying persecution and spewing false equivalencies.

A jury awarded the families of Sandy Hook victims $965 million, which Jones must pay as punishment for defaming them and their slain children since the mass shooting in 2012. Jones has repeatedly insisted that the mass shooting was fake and a “false flag,” even inciting his supporters to harass and threaten the families of the victims.

It’s a big loss for Jones and a victory for truth, but Greene complained about the verdict by declaring that it’s an attack on free speech.

Except he does have the freedom to speak words. But that does not mean there are no consequences, especially when his words actually hurt families for a decade. The Supreme Court has backed up defamation laws for decades, and laws against defamation go back even further. Furthermore, a jury determined that Jones defamed the families of the Sandy Hook victims.

Of course, Greene continued complaining, even going so far as to compare Jones’ defamation to pornography.

Except pornographic material hasn’t defamed anyone. Jones literally attacked the Sandy Hook victims and their families relentlessly and lied about them so much that his fans sought to hunt them down and terrorize them. Pornography isn’t as harmful as lies and defmations. Lies about COVID resulted in more deaths. Lies about the election have harmed our democracy. And lies about people of color and the LGBTQ community have put their rights and lives in jeopardy.

And it’s not even the government that “canceled” those who spewed this garbage, but private companies such as Twitter that have the right to decide what kind of speech they want to allow on their platform.

Greene would know that if she bothered to read the terms of service and community standards. The First Amendment only protects free speech from being suppressed by the government, not private entities, and certainly not from people suing someone who defamed them. It’s no wonder why Greene’s husband is divorcing her.

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