Fox News host Tucker Carlson is attacking Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman yet again, but what he said on his show Wednesday evening is already coming back to bite him squarely on the butt.

Referring to an interview Fetterman gave to NBC News this week, with the reporter who interviewed him, Dasha Burns, noting that Fetterman “occasionally stuttered and had trouble finding words, adding that “it wasn’t clear” the candidate knew what she was saying to him. Fetterman had a stroke in May.

In response, Burns was slammed by disability advocates who said they were “deeply upsetting” and stigmatizing of those who have had strokes.

Carlson — who is always eager to attack anyone who might have a disability or is different in any manner whatsoever — said Fetterman’s use of a computer during the NBC interview was “thrilling” for trans-humanists:

“Fetterman uses a software program to understand the words of those around him and to formulate his responses to those words. In other words, to talk.

“Now, to be perfectly clear, this software is not a hearing aid. Fetterman doesn’t need a hearing aid because he isn’t deaf. He’s not hearing impaired.”

But that wasn’t all Carlson had to say as he amped up his assault on Fetterman:

“Instead, this program takes words and then rearranges them into language that John Fetterman can understand because his brain can no longer do that for him. Now that’s sad, for trans-humanists, though, it is thrilling. This is an amazing moment. This Neil Armstrong on the moon. Here you have one of the most famous politicians in the country merging with a computer. This is the future they imagine. They’re thrilled by it.

“But for everyone else, for the voters of Pennsylvania for example, it does raise some obvious questions. For example, where exactly does the software end and John Fetterman’s consciousness begin? We don’t know. We can’t know. But it’s obvious that Pennsylvania could very well be sending a computer program to the U.S. Senate, where inevitably it will be hacked.”

Of course, a computer would still be a better and more compassionate being than Carlson, who makes a living attacking those he disagrees with rather than discussing issues or policy, because that would require him to actually debate, which he can’t do without reverting to personal insults.

However, it didn’t take long before internet karma caught up with the Fox host.

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