Donald Trump is on the verge of paying a hefty financial price for committing fraud in New York, and he knows it because he’s desperately trying to weasel out of it by shifting assets to another state.

New York Attorney General Letitia James has been pursuing the civil case against Trump successfully even subpoenaing Trump and his adult children to testify. Of course, Trump himself spent most of his testimony pleading the Fifth even though he has repeatedly claimed that invoking the Fifth is what guilty people do.

Guilty people also try to slither their way out of paying the consequences for their crimes, which Trump is also reportedly trying to do by creating a second Trump Organization in Delaware so he can shift his assets from his New York company so state officials cannot seize them.

The New York Times reports:

“Days before the New York attorney general filed a lawsuit accusing Donald J. Trump and his company of fraud and seeking to shut down some of their business in the state, Mr. Trump’s lawyers created a new company in Delaware. And on Sept. 21, the day the suit was filed, the new Delaware company filed paperwork in New York, seeking to be recognized there as the Trump Organization II.”

The attempted end-around to escape accountability drew criticism from James, who filed a request in court asking the judge to block the scheme.

“Our investigation uncovered the fact that Donald Trump and the Trump Organization engaged in significant fraud to inflate his personal net worth by billions of dollars to illegally enrich himself and cheat the system,” James said in a statement on Thursday. “Since we filed this sweeping lawsuit last month, Donald Trump and the Trump Organization have continued those same fraudulent practices and taken measures to evade responsibility. Today, we are seeking an immediate stop to these actions because Mr. Trump should not get to play by different rules.”

The state of Delaware would also be wise to put a stop to Trump’s schemes.

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