Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) schemed to help Donald Trump overthrow our democracy in January 2021, and it came back to bite him during a debate on Monday night against Independent candidate Evan McMullin.

Lee advised Trump to assemble slates of fake electors from battleground states in a scheme to win the Electoral College and give justification to Republican senators like himself to excuse their vote against certification of the electoral votes. He even exposed his own role in the plot.

Fresh off of embarrassingly endorsing himself in the third person, Lee faced off with McMullin in a televised debate.

In a desperate effort to downplay his role in the insurrection and the fake elector scheme, Lee pulled out a pocket Constitution and claimed to believe in it and insisted that he was actually trying to stop the crisis.

“I was one of the people trying to dismantle the situation because I believe in this document,” Lee declared.

McMullin called out Lee’s stunt and explained to the debate audience what Lee did to help Trump orchestrate a coup.

“Senator Lee has been doing this thing with a pocket constitution for the last several years. Senator Lee, the constitution is not a prop,” McMullin said. “You said the president should listen to legal quack Sidney Powell, please make time for her, let her in you told the White House chief of staff. You were there to stand up for our constitution but when the barbarians were at the gate, you were happy to let them in.”

“For you to talk about the importance of the Electoral College is rich,” McMullin continued. “You know exactly how important it is and I think you knew how important it was when you sought to urge the White House that lost an election to find fake electors to overturn the will of the people.”

McMullin didn’t stop there. He also highlighted Lee’s tenure as a puppet for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

“You are the only member of Utah’s congressional delegation not to be blacklisted by Putin,” McMullin said. “There is a reason why. In 2017 he was one of only two senators to vote against sanctioning Putin’s regime. In 2019, He went to Russia alone and discussed lifting sanctions.”

Here’s the video via Twitter:

This debate was devastating for Lee as McMullin hit him again and again. And the debate audience certainly appreciated it. Now if only a majority of Utah voters would appreciate it by rejecting Lee in November.

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