Americans have gotten used to Donald Trump going into rages after the courts set things straight and refuse to roll over to his threats and nonsense. This week, however, he may have gone further than he ever has after the Trump Organization took a devastating blow in the New York Court system.

NY Supreme Court Justice Aurthur Engoron ruled that the twice impeached former president’s company must submit to having an independent person oversee all the transactions that the Trump organization wants to make going forward. In addition to that, the Trump Organization must let the Attorney General know if they wish to sell any “non-cash assets” in the future.

In addition to that, Trump businesses must give the monitor access to financial statements, statements of financial condition and “full and accurate descriptions of the structure and liquid and illiquid holdings and assets for the Trump Organization” and its subsidiaries and affiliates, the state trial court judge ordered.

The businesses must also give the monitor at least a 30-day advance notification of any planned reorganization or restructuring of the Trump Organization. The defendant’s lawyers have until a Nov. 10 deadline for the submission of up to three monitor candidates. State officials will also submit three candidates for the position.

“Defendants are wrong,” wrote Engoron, whom Trump’s legal team has sought unsuccessfully to have removed from hearing the case.

And from what can clearly be read from the court ruling, “wrong” is putting it mildly.

Engoron wrote — “Defendants have failed to submit an iota of evidence or an affidavit from any one with personal knowledge rebutting” the attorney general’s “comprehensive demonstration of persistent fraud.” 

Not one iota of evidence.

That didn’t stop Trump from lashing out — saying that Engoron was a “puppet” and was “appointed by his worst enemies.”

If Trump wants to see a puppet, perhaps he should look more in the direction of Clarence Thomas who granted Trump a stay vs a pretty straight forward and legally sound ruling against him in the Mar-A-Lago documents case.

As far as being appointed by his “worst enemies” — Engoron was initially appointed by Judge Gail Prudenti, a registered Republican in 2013. In 2016, he was elected by the people of New York.

In a statement, Trump said, “A puppet judge of the New York attorney general and other sworn enemies of President Trump and the Republican Party has just issued a ruling never before seen anywhere in America. It is communism come to our shores,”

So, is Trump’s “worst enemies” a Republican judge who appointed Engoron years before Trump ever entered politics or the people of New York?

And communism? Ordering the Trump Organization to be honest in their transactions is now communism? No one is saying they can’t make money or profit. And keep in mind, this is after they lost their own appeal by providing “not 1 iota” of evidence.

That does not seem like communism, but rather prudent accountability from an organization that seems more and more fraudulent and dishonest with each new look.