Voters will head to the polls on Tuesday, November 8th. One of the most closely watched races has been and will be the Senate race in Pennsylvania where John Fetterman faces off against Dr. Oz.

No matter who wins, pundits will surely have a lot to say about what went right and what went wrong in each of the campaigns. But if Fetterman loses, it will be easy to point to one big mistake his campaign made.

During the primaries, Dr. Oz was joined at the hip to Donald Trump. In fact, according to a post primary report from Axios, Trump was a “near-ubiquitous fixture” in the Oz campaign’s advertisements, with a series of issue-centered videos about gun rights, abortion, and energy beginning with the phrase “endorsed by President Trump.” On social media, Oz’s cover photo was a banner image of himself alongside Trump, his Twitter account “mentioned Trump more than 70 times,” and his team ran Trump-centered ads on Google and Facebook.

Since May 17th, Oz has not mentioned Trump and just about all of the Trump touting on his website suddenly vanished. Oz has attempted to recast himself as a moderate. Someone in the middle. It would seem that Trump and Oz don’t even know each other anymore.

But the only reason Oz is running in Pennsylvania, seemingly, is at Trump’s behest. He is Trump’s candidate. Oz has no real ties to Pennsylvania outside of a few in-laws living in the state. If he wanted to run for Senate, he could have ran in New Jersey, Florida, or any one of the states he actually owned property in before the run up to this election.

John Fetterman and his campaign missed a huge opportunity to keep Oz pinned to Trump. He let Oz successfully, if not falsely, recast himself as a moderate instead of the MAGA candidate he is.

Josh Shapiro will most likely win big in his governor’s race against Doug Mastriano. Shapiro correctly never let voters forget that Mastriano was a Trump candidate. Many ads from him and outside groups pointed out how Mastriano was going to bring election denying to the Pennsylvania’s future elections where he pointed out that he alone could “decertify” any and all machines that he didn’t like the results of. Pennsylvanians regularly saw footage of Mastriano with Trump and participating in the January 6th coup attempt.

John Fetterman’s people totally missed that opportunity. It was factual and important. And they missed it. If they lose, and Oz’s facade of moderation and reasonableness wins, they will only have themselves to blame.