South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham got all weepy during an appearance on Fox News and claimed that liberals are trying to “destroy” Georgia GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker simply because he’s a black conservative.

Graham told Fox host Sean Hannity:

“They’re trying to destroy Herschel to deter young men and women of color from being Republicans. If they destroy Herschel, it will deter people of color from wanting to be a conservative Republican because you just have your life ruined.”

Tears in his eyes, Graham added:

“If Herschel wins, he’s gonna inspire people all over Georgia of color to become Republicans. Herschel Walker is a nightmare for liberals. He’s an African American conservative. They have belittled him. They have treated him like crap, his family.

“Stand by Herschel tonight. If you can give, give.

“The conservative movement for people of color is on the ballot in Georgia. We must help people like Herschel.”

The only person who has destroyed Herschel Walker’s life is Walker himself, as Don Lemon and Van Jones noted on CNN when they mocked Graham for his crocodile tears and rightly pointed out the Georgia Republican’s blatant hypocrisy in being opposed to abortion but allegedly paying two women he slept with to get the procedure, with Lemon calling Graham out for “hypocrisy off the charts,” and Jones concurring.

“If you don’t want someone with [Walker’s] lack of qualifications and bad personal character to be in the Senate,” Graham claims “you now hate all conservatives and don’t want any black people to be conservative.

“That’s not true! All of us have got conservative black people in our families. What are you talking about?”

If Herschel Walker didn’t want his past actions exposed and discussed, he should have refused to run for public office. And if Lindsey Graham doesn’t like that fact, maybe he needs to resign and let someone else serve out the rest of his term so he’ll have more free time to weep.

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