Cable news has become a bastion of over the top outrage, out of context facts, and a haven for extremists on both ends of the spectrum. There is one cable news host that is getting great ratings and reviews without all the nonsense. That host is Ari Melber.

After doing some guest hosting gigs on MSNBC, Melber got his own show which debuted in 2017. Now, his show, The Beat With Ari Melber is the longest running show in MSNBC’s history at the 6pm eastern time slot. His ratings have been strong. At times, he has literally doubled CNN’s ratings in that time slot and sometimes even bests Fox’s 6pm offerings.

Melber has done it without any of the over the top antics that have plagued cable news. He has also done it by laying out facts, in context, for his viewers. He has been so factual that the January 6th committee even used his interview with Trump ally Peter Navarro in making their case and enforcing their subpoena.

Now, the committee has announced that Melber will be writing a forward for their final report to Congress.

He and his show are truly an oasis of calm in a chaotic sea.

Perhaps what makes Melber unique is how he uses his background as an attorney in his interviewing style. He knows how to both disarm his guests with his modest and calm demeanor and pin them down in a way that they never see him coming.

Check out his interview with Navarro below:

This is how some of his viewers describe him:

Like one of the reviews mentioned, Ari Melber does have an appreciation for music, especially hip-hop, where he can spontaneously quote lyrics that relate to a given subject at hand during his interviews and commentary. He also regularly has hip-hop artists sharing their perspective on current events and history on his program.

Indeed, he can make the news “relatable” for people of all ages and varying backgrounds.

You can check out his show, The Beat With Ari Melber weeknights at 6pm eastern on MSNBC.