It is that time of year again. Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a time for traditions. Families have their special traditions on top of the standard Turkey dinner. How the turkey is prepared. Some roast it, some smoke it, some fry it. And most of the people who make it any particular way will tell you that their way is the best way.

The time families and friends gather together for food, football, and fun. Of course, there is also the parades. Many of us remember getting up early on Thanksgiving to see the Macy’s parade where superhuge versions of Snoopy, Underdog, and others would fly down the street as marching bands from all over would celebrate with music. Of course, all of this was just an “opening act” to the big finale, the arrival of Santa Claus.

And on top of all that, there are what have become some other traditions. One from the 70s, and one from the 60s.

The one from the 70s is, of course, the famous WKRP “Turkey Drop” episode. Not only is it absolutely as hilarious as it is timeless, it actually saved the show. At the time it was aired, it was getting beat up in the ratings by Michael Landon and his primetime variety show.

The full episode is tough to find. YouTube has flagged anyone who tries to upload the full WKRP Turkey Drop episode. But you can enjoy all the key scenes below. (and if you want to view a full version of the episode, look below that)

We understand that just the key scenes might not be enough for some, so we did some digging and found the full episode on an “alternative” site. You can view the full WKRP Turkey Drop episode below.

The other Thanksgiving tradition no household should be without is from the 1960s. That, of course, is Arlo Guthrie’s masterpiece, Alice’s Restaurant. You can enjoy that with your friends and family by clicking below.

We, at wish you and yours a happy Thanksgiving 🙂

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