The special committee investigating the January 6th riots has come to a decision. And from what can be extrapolated so far, they have made a list, and will probably be checking it twice. But the important part to many is that they have made a list. For Christmas this year, the committee, which is currently finishing their work and putting together their final report for the American people, will be offering criminal referrals to the Justice Department along with that final report.

The House committee has previously hinted it could make criminal referrals to the justice department relating to the efforts of former President Trump and his allies to challenge the results of the 2020 election after he lost by over seven million votes.

The panel does not have the power to prosecute, but the justice department could – in theory – begin criminal proceedings.

Speaking to reporters outside the Capitol, Bennie Thompson. the committee’s co-chair said the panel had “made decisions on criminal referrals”.

“I wish I could tell you one, two, three, four but that’s all still being discussed,” he said. Asked whether the committee was considering a referral for Trump, he replied: “Good try.”

Maryland Democrat Jamie Raskin said a subcommittee was “bringing forward different recommendations to the full committee for consideration.”

Many expect the twice impeached former president to receive one of those referrals. He might not be alone there. We could see some of his allies who actively pushed for what some call a “coup on our democracy.”

The committee has not only looked at what happened on that day, but the months leading up to January 6th as well as what took place after that fateful day.

Hundreds of witnesses have offered testimony to the committee. Some have been brought in more than once, seemingly as more evidence has been revealed to the committee. Some charges could be minor, while others could be major crimes including sedition or treason.

Right now, however, all we know is that the committee has made a list of potential people who would be in danger of being prosecuted for crimes on January 6th and that list might make for a very miserable Christmas for some.

It is said that the wheels of justice turn slowly. With this news, Americans now know that however slow, the wheels are indeed turning.

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