If you thought you’d heard all of the crazy things that Republicans can possibly say about President Joe Biden and the Biden administration, longtime Trump BFF Roger Stone is now claiming that there’s a “demonic portal” hovering over the White House that the media refuses to acknowledge.

Appearing on The Eric Metaxas Radio ShowStone was asked by the host about his thoughts on the “supernatural,” to which the former protégé of Richard Nixon responded:

“I think that…  a portal, a demonic portal, opened above the White House around the time that the Bidens moved in. This was brought to my attention by a Christian who lives in north Florida who sent me a bunch of documents and also a bunch of notations from the Bible about portals.”

Stone insisted he had initially been skeptical of such an idea, but then he saw some photos that changed his mind:

“So, I was skeptical about it but I looked at the photos. Also, there’s a live cam where you can actually see in real-time and there does appear to be something above the White House… At first you say, ‘Oh, maybe it’s a reflection. Maybe it’s an aerostat balloon. Maybe there’s a logical [explanation.]'”

To confirm the existence of a portal, Stone said he called a good friend of his who happens to be a former cop and put him on the case. What did his friend find?

“He called me back about two-and-a-half hours later and said, ‘You’re not going to believe this, but there’s definitely something there. Other people were there photographing it.’”

Stone also noted that his portal theory can also be found by looking at those who work in the administration:

“If you believe the Bible, and we do, then you believe Satan exists, and he does, and you believe there are demons and therefore a portal in which demons enter this realm is not such a crazy idea at all, and that these demons populate the Biden administration — well, I mean, look at some of them. You can’t tell whether they are men or women. They don’t seem to know either.”

Why has no one reported on the demonic portal, the host inquired. Stone responded, “The media doesn’t cover a lot of things that are true.”

Also, the media isn’t deluded with fairy tales and science fiction plots about portals and demons. This article also should show Stone that the media has covered his preposterous claim. That coverage doesn’t make his claim any more true. All it really does is show just how unhinged and detached from reality Trump’s closest allies like Stone are.

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