Trump has claimed repeatedly that he told House Speaker Nancy Pelosi he wanted 10,000 National Guard soldiers. In that “after-the-fact revelation” he has acted like he was warning her that there would be violence. It turns out, the truth is that Trump wanted them for his own purposes on that fateful day.

So yes, Trump did want 10,000 National Guard soldiers there that day, but only for his own protection, and perhaps muscle.

It is not a stretch to think that if Trump had gotten his wish to personally march during the election certification on January 6th and if he had gotten that 10,000 National Guard soldiers to be there too, that he could have literally ordered them to take over the capitol on that day. After all, he is their “Commander In Chief.”

Katrina Pierson told the committee that Trump shared his thoughts days before January 6th, “Well, I should walk with the people,” but at the time she didn’t take him “seriously.” Many advisers tried to talk him out of it, including White House Senior Advisor Max Miller, who “shot it down immediately,” the report notes, because there were various concerns about Trump’s safety. Pierson agreed, but Trump was insistent. That’s when he first floated the idea of 10,000 National Guardsmen deployed to protect him and his supporters from any supposed threats by leftwing counter-protesters.

The goal, she explained was to delay the certification and then they’d be able to send the vote to state legislatures to overturn it. The questionable legal theory is now before the Supreme Court as a question about the future of elections.

“Miller again rejected the President’s idea, saying that the National Guard was not necessary for the event,” the report shows. “Miller testified that there was no further conversation on the matter. After the meeting, Miller texted Pierson, ‘Just glad we killed the national guard and a procession.’ That is, President Trump briefly considered having the National Guard oversee his procession to the U.S. Capitol.”

So, this bombshell and other testimony are all confirming and going beyond what America heard when Cassidy Hutchinson testified to the committee. In fact, it was a far more dangerous and sinister plan. If Trump would have had his way and gotten his 10,000 National Guard soldiers to be his protector and possible muscle that day, who knows where we’d be now?

So, like many things the twice impeached former President says, there was a grain of truthiness to it, but the actual context changes the picture completely from what he was trying to sell to the American people as his plausible deniability.

The more people dig into this bombshell final report from the January 6th committee, the worse it is looking for Trump.