It is clear that the “house of cards” that George Santos built (aka, his resume), to win a congressional seat has completely been exposed as one big lie. Not “embellishments” or “padding” but an outright lie. Yet, he still remains poised to take office as a member of Congress. As Americans, including some Republicans, call for his resignation, it is also clear that Santos has every intention of assuming office on January 3rd, 2023. There doesn’t seem to be much hope that any entity or person in America can stop this on their own. To save America from him, America might need to look south — to Brazil.

When George Santos was 19 years old, he was living in Rio de Janeiro with his mother, Fatima, who was working as a home health aide. One day, George found two checks belonging to Délio da Câmara da Costa Alemão, an 82yearold man who was in Fatima‘s care, in his mothers purse. Santos took the checks to a clothing store in the area and identified himself asDelio, using them to purchase shoes and clothes.

The store clerk, Carlos Bruno Simoes, became suspicious after Santos left the store and attempted to call the numbers on the checks, but got no response. This posed a problem for Simoes, as he then had to reimburse his employer for the fraudulent purchases. Later, Fatima Devolder, Santoss mother, informed police that the man had asked her to return the checks to his bank.

After it was found out that Santos had committed fraud in the store, Santos agreed to pay the money back — he never did.

So, 14 years later, Santos is still wanted in Brazil. The U.S. could simply allow him to be extradited to Brazil, as the two nations do have a treaty allowing it.

If convicted, Santos would have a hard time serving from a prison cell in South America.

To recap, Santos has lied about multiple things on his resume. They include claiming college degrees he never had. Working for investment firms that he never did. He even has lied about the lies when trying to cover for claiming he was Jewish. Santos recently commented that he actually never said that — and that he said he was “Jew-ish” not Jewish.

Except he did say he was a member of the Jewish religion (he is actually Catholic) when he declared on a position paper that he as a “proud American Jew.” 

A growing number of Americans from all over the political spectrum are calling for Santos to back off from being sworn in as a member of Congress. He is still lying to try to cover for previous lies. If he won’t volunteer, then perhaps he should be sent to Brazil to face some more serious music. He does not belong in Congress or any other public office.