For six years, Donald J Trump lambasted any media organization or journalist that dared even questioned anything he did. So, it wasn’t a surprise that when he summoned them to his Mar-A-Lago resort on New Years Eve they blew him off. What might be a bit more surprising is that his traditional “media allies” like Fox and Newsmax, did the same.

What all of them missed were rambling rants and his tiresome self-congratulating schtick that more and more Americans are realizing as something America can do without. And when actual hard questions were asked, he either ignored them or walked away into the safety of his country club.

You can check out the event below by going to the 33 minute mark of the video.

New York Times reporter Peter Baker told MSNBC earlier on Saturday that Trump’s call for media availability was a desperate cry for attention.

The twice impeached former POTUS could be heard just barely, even when the audio was turned up to its highest levels, as he wished the media aHappy New Year on the front page of Rumble, a very “pro-MAGA” site. When asked questions by the reporters, such asWould you support a national abortion ban,” he opted to not answer. He also attacked inflation asdestroying our country and made an inaudible comment about Ukraine and Russia.

He went on a tirade about theshameful actions of the Justice Department and theutilizing of the FBI before turning to other topics. When another person asked how his 2024 campaign was going, he confidently replied that it was “very good”, although he has not held any events or rallies since his declaration. Furthermore, recent poll numbers don’t seem to share Trump’s view. Other things, like his attempt to fleece his flock with “NFTs” have caused even some of his most loyal minions to walk away from him. 

When asked about the anniversary of the January 6th riots, he fled to the safety of his country club.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.