Thanks to the tireless research and investigation by the January 6th committee, we now know that Team Trump planned on “declaring victory” before all the votes were counted and a winner was declared in 2020. We know this because Trump confidants Roger Stone and Steve Bannon both said so. Both told supporters before the election that regardless of where the vote stood on election night, that Trump will declare victory and seize the win.

True to GOP form, Kevin McCarthy did his own version of prematurely declaring victory before the House even voted on his election to be Speaker of the House of Representatives. In McCarthy’s case, he simply moved all of his stuff into the Speaker’s office before a single vote was cast.

We now know that after (as of this writing) 7 tries, McCarthy has failed to secure the needed 218 votes he needs to assume the position of Speaker of the House. His move to prematurely “declare victory” has drawn ire and mockery from all ends of the political spectrum. One of his GOP colleagues, Matt Goetz, one of the 20 or so congressional members who have stood in his way has gone so far as to call the move “illegal” and declare McCarthy a “squatter.” And while Gaetz’s definition of a squatter isn’t exactly accurate (it would be more accurate to call McCarthy a trespasser), Gaetz is not alone in calling out the brash premature move by McCarthy.

Other folks have been having fun at McCarthy’s expense. And perhaps, rightfully so.


Seinfeld fans will enjoy this one …

While it is fun in the short term to poke fun at the debacle in the House that the Republicans have created all on their own with no outside help, most Americans realize that in the longer term, this is quite sad and pathetic. It also has the potential to do real damage to our nation.

Today, every Federal, State, and local governing body is functioning — except one. The one that the Republicans barely took over thanks to gerrymandering and other manipulations. In States and areas that were actually competitive, the GOP lost and often it wasn’t even close. And now those elected officials and the bodies they were elected to from the US Senate down to city councils are all operational. The House of Representatives can’t even vote on anything or even swear in their members. All they can do is fight amongst themselves when given the opportunity to show their unity and ability to get things done — even what should be the simplest of procedures.

Today’s Republicans, particularly ones in the House of Representatives, have shown themselves to be quite good at yelling insults and derogatory remarks at everyone else from the cheap seats of the minority. What they are showing the American people now is their inability to govern or even get their own house in order at a time when they are needed and no one stands in their way. January 3rd should have been a triumphant day for Republicans, instead, it has become both a joke and a tragedy. If Republicans are wondering why they are slipping and losing elections as of late, they need to look no further than this perfect representation of what the Republican Party has become after electing radicals who have no interest in doing anything productive for Americans or even their own constituents.

Prematurely declaring victory by moving into the Speaker’s office space didn’t work for McCarthy just as Trump declaring victory before all the votes were counted didn’t work for him. One has to have the votes. That’s the American way. Declaring victory without the votes in any way, shape, or form isn’t the way in a democracy. Only in a dictatorship does that work. And perhaps that is all Republicans are showing us in many ways that aren’t as obvious as a violent coup, like on January 6th, 2021.