Former President Donald Trump has lost yet another court battle in the investigation into his alleged taking and keeping top-secret government documents at his Mar-A-Lago resort. This is a significant one involving his efforts to keep the investigators who allegedly searched his property for more documents a secret.

The Department of Justice is demanding that former President Donald Trump’s lawyers hand over the names of private investigators who have allegedly conducted searches of Trump properties. It appears that the Department of Justice wants to be able to question the investigators personally on their findings.

This is just one of the ongoing investigations into the Trump administration. Trump has been accused of numerous wrong doings and the Department of Justice is hoping that the investigators can provide evidence to further this case. It remains to be seen what names the lawyers will reveal, and what new evidence will come to light as a result. Many experts consider this case the one with the best chance to land a conviction against the twice impeached former President. 

And the D.C. court has cleared the path for the DOJ to finally get to know who the investigators are and to question them.  That was exactly what Smith and the DOJ were seeking.

Trump’s decision to take top-secret documents with him prompted Attorney General Merrick Garland last summer to personally authorize an FBI search of Mar-A-Lago, which led to the twice impeached former president claiming he was being politically persecuted. So far, no court, except the Florida one with Trump friendly Judge Cannon, have agreed with Trump. In fact, many other judges appointed by him have agreed with him — and in some cases, the rulings haven’t even been close.

This ruling has the potential to further destroy the “house of cards” Trump and his lawyers have attempted to build. This, in a case where many Americans and experts agree that if it were “anyone else” but a former President, they would be behind bars already. Team Trump has managed to delay things a bunch, but consistently have lost when push came to shove. Many believe that the DOJ is making sure it dots all the i’s and crosses all the t’s and have an iron clad case before indicting the former POTUS.