This is a story that has now played out multiple times in the last couple of years. Election deniers insist and insist that there is all kinds of “fraud” taking place in elections. They protest, demand, and sue jurisdictions until they get their wish of audits. Then the audit shows no malfeasance has happened and confirm that the election results were pretty darn accurate. Maybe a handful of votes might swing a few digits one way or the other, usually because of human errors or something equally as inane and innocent. And despite the repeated near identical results, election deniers remain convinced that there just has to be widespread voter fraud everywhere.

The latest version of this played out in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania — two years after the 2020 election was over, certified, and the winning candidates took office.

26 citizens went through the 10s of thousands of ballots for President of the United States and the county’s Auditor General position. They spent weeks meticulously going over every single ballot. They verified names, signatures, and everything about the ballots. They made sure every vote cast was valid and counted properly. The result was essentially and statistically nearly identical to the original election count.

And after it was all over and the results showed the election was legitimate, the right candidates won, and no widespread fraud or any kind of actual fraud had taken place, it still wasn’t enough for the conspiracy minded pro Trump group, Audit The Vote Pa.

A lawyer for the group stated “we’re not done” after the results were in — promising to press on looking for that elusive phantom they call “fraud.”

All of this has left even Republican election officials completely exasperated and at their wits end.

Forrest Lehman, the Republican in charge of elections in the rural Pennsylvania county said, “It’s surreal to be talking about 2020 in the present tense, over two years down the road,” adding, “As far as I’m concerned, I’m done with it.”

Lehman also said he is now getting all kinds of “crazy records requests” as the election deniers simply play dumb to the results and keep poking and prodding hoping to find something — anything that will finally prove some sort of willful fraud in our elections.

After this story has played out just like ones in Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, and other places, the only patterns that have emerged is that our elections are very legitimate and no amount of conclusive proof — including meticulously recounting every vote by hand and ripping apart voting machines (like in Arizona) will ever satisfy these election denying conspiracy theorists.

This has all led Lehman to draw his own conclusion after dealing with them for over two years. Lehman told the New York Times, “You can quote me, they are insane.”