Face The Nation host Margaret Brennan had her hands full and seemed like she was trying to play “whack-a-mole” when she interviewed House Speaker Kevin McCarthy this week. The newly elected Speaker dipped and dodged at every opportunity. Getting a straight answer out of him was a Herculean challenge for Brennan.

On George Santos, McCarthy pretended that the people in New York were proud to have elected him since finding out (after the election) that Santos had lied about almost everything from his past. Things like where he went to school and worked were fabricated. he fabricated being Jewish in a district with a higher than average Jewish population. Voters didn’t get the opportunity to know that he is a fugitive in Brazil where he defrauded an old man for personal gain. Learning about things like this caused the Republican party in his district in NY to denounce him and call for his resignation. 

Top Republicans in Nassau County demanded Wednesday that Rep. George Santos resign from Congress, calling him a “fraud” who lied about his background, work experience, and ancestry — while opening himself up to criminal investigations and House ethics complaints.

Nassau County Republican Chairman Joseph Cairo said Santos had “disgraced the House of Representatives” and waged a campaign of “deceits, lies and fabrications” in order to win the vote of New York’s Third Congressional District.

None of that apparently phased McCarthy. When asked about removing Santos, McCarthy went on a rant about proxy voting and other nonsense. When only briefly talking about Santos, he said that the disgraced NY Congressman deserved to sit on the committees he appointed him to including the Small Business Committee.

So, if every single new person brought into Congress was elected by their constituents, what their constituents have done has lend their voice to the American public. So those members can all serve on committee.

What McCarthy may be missing is while they did elect someone named “George Santos” to Congress, they didn’t elect the one who is a fraud in every, way, shape, and form. McCarthy has a Constitutionally approved way of ousting him, but refuses to even consider it.

And no reasonable person would believe that the constituents in his district want a fraud to “be their voice” in Congress.

Unfortunately, we are talking about Kevin McCarthy, who doesn’t seem to even know the meaning of the word “reasonable” or “integrity” based on this and the plum assignments he has given to people like Marjorie Taylor Greene and other radical right wing Republicans that peddle in conspiracy theories — some of which, they seem to just make up out of thin air on their own. Others come from radical groups and sites like Qanon and 4chan.

McCarthy did say at one point that “Congress is broken.” Some Americans might agree with him on that if he wasn’t the one standing there with a sledge hammer in his hand instead of some duct tape and a can of WD-40.

Check out the full interview on Face The Nation below: