Bill Maher probably isn’t the most popular person with the “woke” crowd. Bill Maher most likely doesn’t really care. What he does care about is making sure the woke folks on the left understand some history. He wants them to understand that they aren’t the first people to try to change people’s nature. They aren’t the first people who demand everyone join them in their views. Also, he cares that they realize that it isn’t just right wingers doing things that suppress other people’s freedoms through shaming and intimidation.

Maher thinks that the “woke revolution” doesn’t have bad intentions. But at the same time, he sees the road some of those good intentions are heading. Like the old saying goes, it isn’t the road to heaven that is paved with those good intentions.

Maher sees part of the woke movement going too far. He uses examples from history, like the Russian and Chinese revolutions. From where he sits, the woke are trying to “change reality by screaming at it. That (they) can bend human nature by holding your breath.” As Maher puts it, “that’s the difference between reality and your mommy.”

Maher recalls how the “red guard” did what a lot of woke people want to do now. Namely, to harass and shame people into compliance. He also points out that about a million people were killed in those efforts to purify their society from folks who didn’t think like them and have all the same views/opinions.

He uses another example of a liberal law professor who was shamed and ordered to do eight weeks of “sensitivity training” for having the audacity to present his students with a realistic scenario some of them might face in their careers in a very real courtroom. In the scenario, that involved racism, he referenced two slurs by the first letter only. That was his damning offense.

He put a spotlight on how the banjo player from Mumford & Sons was shamed and had to “spend time away from the band” after he had the gall to compliment a book he read that wasn’t on the woke reading list.

Yeah, it isn’t just right wingers trying to suppress books and information. Both extremes demand purity to their views and require compliance from top to bottom to avoid their punishment machine in whatever form it may take.

Maher closed by reminiscing about how he has spent decades arguing with right wingers about the validity of climate change but now finds himself arguing with the woke crowd about the validity of biology.

Maher is steadfast in his views, but one thing he doesn’t do is require anyone to march in lock step with them. He welcomes different perspectives to the debate. And make no mistake, there will be a debate if Bill Maher is in the room. But the difference between him and extremists on both the left and right is that after the debate is over, he won’t try to impose punishment on those who happen to disagree.

We could use more of that attitude in this country, regardless of anyone’s political leanings.

There’s a lot more, and you can check out his full commentary from his HBO show, Real Time With Bill Maher below: