If you haven’t been paying attention, the Dominion defamation lawsuit against Fox News is a really big deal. Looking into the filing, it becomes very apparent that this was not a case of a news organization hyping something, or getting a detail wrong, which commonly happens all over the news, regardless of a news organization’s bias or format. For those of us who don’t have the time or patience to examine court filings, we have an honest voice in Ari Melber to unpack and sort it all out.

This is becoming a case study in lying. Not a one-off lie, or a mistake. The more we see, the more it looks like some at Fox were pushing Donald Trump’s election conspiracies knowing they were lying. Popular host Sean Hannity has been quoted in his deposition clearly saying under oath, “I never believed it for one second.”

In his opening on Friday, Ari Melber started by clarifying that the bar for defamation in journalism and reporting is a high one, and rightfully so. People make mistakes, and sometimes in a “live TV” situation things get said that turn out not to be accurate. Later down the line, they get updated and corrected. Melber makes it clear that the people at Fox deserve that same deference. But, the court filings are showing this wasn’t the case here. In fact, much of the false information Fox put out was from pre-recorded clips that could have been vetted. They never were. Furthermore, using the example of Maria Bartiromo, they took what they knew to be false and put the purveyor of the lies on air for more exposure.

Bartiromo took what she knew to be fake news, with the source being Trump lawyer Sydney Powell, who claimed she knew Dominion’s machines were “flipping votes” based on her ability to time travel. Yes, that’s right … time travel.

Bartiromo knew it was nonsense. But then went on to put Powell on TV and treat her charges as if they were serious. Melber shows some of the interview, paired with the filings, to show not only how blatantly false the claims were, but that she “play acted” on air to sell these lies to Fox’s audience.

Melber makes it clear that this is not about anyone’s ideology or bias. This is about truth vs lies. Lies that were well known behind the scenes while on camera those lies were being sold and pushed.

If Melber is right, and the court ultimately agrees, then it could be something that both costs Fox what is left of their credibility and over a billion dollars.

Check out the full broadcast from Ari Melber on Friday, February 24th below …