Erin Brockovich addressed a full auditorium of 2,500 people and 100 reporters in East Palestine, Ohio High School Friday night, warning that the contamination caused by a train derailment will be a “long game.”

“I’ve never seen in 30 years a situation like this,” said Brockovich. “You want to be heard, but you’re going to be told it’s safe; you’re going to be told not to worry. That’s just rubbish because you’re going to worry. Communities want to be seen and heard.”

She went further, promising to be there for the long game, “I feel your angst, and I feel your frustration. And I want to share something with you; you’re not alone.”

“These chemicals take time to move in the water. You’re going to need groundwater monitoring. People on well water: You really need to be on alert. They’re going to need to implement soil vapor intrusion modeling. Believe us. It’s coming,” she said.

“You start getting 50 and 100,000 pissed-off moms together — I’m telling you right now: Things change,” she said.

“You have the ability to become — and you will become — your own critical thinker. You will vet information; you will ask questions, you will demand answers. You will listen to that gut and that instinct that will keep you connected as a community,” Brockovich said. “Don’t let what’s happened here divide you.”

Erin Brockovich finished her message of hope and a call to action to fight after the headlines have faded and other events capture the public’s attention.

Mikal Watts, a Texas lawyer, then gave a presentation and urged those present to have their urine and blood tested for contamination. He explained that rulings by the Ohio Supreme Court meant he could not give specific advice or stay after the meeting for questions.

You check out the full presentation by Erin Brockovich and others below …