On Wednesday evening, U.S. Representative Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado) tried her hand at political humor on Twitter but instead was met with widespread ridicule and criticism.

The outspoken conservative posted a roughly cropped picture of the lower 48 States, and none of the US’s territories with the caption, “map showing the only place my taxes should go,” along with her own comment that “sometimes a meme says it best.”

Also, Boebert’s “USA” apparently is an island, like Australia.

However, many Twitter users were quick to point out the folly of Boebert’s statement, noting that taxes should be used to fund the federal government and its various programs, not just the states within the United States. They also pointed out that Boebert apparently doesn’t consider Alaska or Hawaii to be part of the United States.

Keith Olbermann led the charge …

Keith Olbermann: “Or, a GIF, when a US Congresswoman forgets Alaska and Hawaii are states and there are places like Puerto Rico.” (Olbermann also posted a GIF of Gordon Ramsey berating a contestant on one of his shows with the caption “what are you, a stupid sandwich?” )

MNay: “Sorry Hawaii & Alaska…bobo doesn’t want to help you.”

MaggieMay: “Umm … you forgot a couple of things. Hawaii and Alaska entered the chat …”

Tony Posnanski: “I know you failed your GED four times before having someone else take it for you, but in 1959, Alaska and Hawaii became US States. I don’t want to get into Puerto Rico or other territories of the US as it might be a touch advanced for you.”

Khary Penebaker: “What amazes me is how confident your stupidity is.”

Bill Brady: “Xenophobic at best. Isolationist dictatorial at worst. Also not Christ-like. Look the words up, dear. I’ll wait.”

Some folks tried to retort that “it’s just a meme” and if the pic included the other states and territories, then they’d agree with Boebert’s xenophobic and isolationist view, thinking they had a “gotcha.” It took 1 reply to squelch that point.

Lolita Taylor: Not to mention she continues to vote for billions in subsidizes for Israel.
The crudeness of some of the tweets aside, the point is that Lauren Boebert holds views that are xenophobic and isolationist (plus fails to even mention 2 states and several territories as part of the country, which they are). A view that most Americans reject but MAGA Republicans like Lauren Boebert continue to push in various ways.